Inquisitor Joslyn

Inquisitor Joslyn is the lead inquisitor assigned to the Garden’s District. She keeps a plush office in the district administration building. She was one of the first to arrive on the scene of Lady Justine Laine’s murder.

Impressed by the party’s actions and their heroic defense of the Laine family, Inquisitor Joslyn offered the group positions as Council Agents, which they accepted.

The party has informed Inquisitor Joslyn of their discovery of both Emperor Kyder’s Doors, Emperor Lucius’ Tomb, and their visits to the Unknown Location. She seemed interested in the first two bits of information, but dismissed the third as being unlikely due to the Barrier rendering teleportation outside the City impossible.

She has instructed the party to investigate the disappearance of several missing necromancy books from the University’s archive.

Inquisitor Joslyn

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