“And I look up into the sky,
And oh! How I wish I could fly,
But we’re stuck behind these walls forever,
Til’ the day we all die”

Mardenhold Traditional Bardic Song

Mardenhold once sat as the proud capital of a wealthy kingdom extending from the western shores of the Vast Sea to the marshlands of Vilisthir. The city’s mage university attracted the greatest wizards in the world and together, they produced wonders unmatched in history. But such success would not go unnoticed.

The progress was abruptly halted two centuries ago when a great horde of Lizardfolk commanded by a flight of jealous and powerful dragons poured into the kingdom’s holdings. Mardenhold’s soldiers and sorcerers did their best to push the invaders back into the swamps, but eventually, the reptilian forces completely surrounded the walls of the capital city. And thus, the Eternal Siege began.

Two hundred years later, the inhabitants of the City are essentially prisoners behind their own defenses. Multiple generations have been locked into a stalemate initiated by their ancestors. Political maneuvering and squabbling over limited resources have become the norms of life.

How long can the City endure?

Adventure Logs

The City of the Eternal Siege