Temple's Bend

While various chapels and shrines are scattered through the City, the major religious festivals and largest temples reside on the appropriately named Temple’s Bend.

Appropriately sized portions of the massive Gods’ House are dedicated to various major and minor gods of the Mardenhold pantheon. Up to an entire wing of the Main Chamber can be dedicated to widely followed deities such as Erathis, Goddess of Civilization and Law, while Sardith, the Lord and Master of Frogs and Toads has a single statue tucked on a shelf with a dozen other equally important gods.

A dedicated order of clerics is tasked with maintaining the Gods’ House and the idols within.

In addition to the Gods’ House, several temples can be found in the area along with the Royal Tomb – the historic resting place of the former kings and queens of Mardenhold.

Those with significant amounts of power or wealth all hope to one day be laid in Sleeper’s Rest. A hauntingly beautiful cemetery with centuries of the City’s most elite corpses.

1) Purple Roof Inn
2) Livestock Auction
3) Animal Pens
4) Venia’s Chapel
5) Inquisitor Tord’s Manor
6) Worker Barracks
7) Temple of Knowledge
8) Temple of Boccob
9) Raven Queen’s Roost
10) Astromancer Guild
11) i Weynamiir
12) Keepers of the House Dormitories
13) Mage’s Market
14) The Vaults
15) Enchantments by Elzar
16) Vorkon Bank
17) Princess Sulpicia’s Temple
18) New Mardenhold Library
19) The Oven
20) Lyd’s Quill
21) Soothsayer Streets
22) Granaries
23) Crown Bridge Pub

Temple's Bend

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