Old Town

Nestled between the bends of the Derrigan River, the first settlers of Mardenhold resided in an area appropriately named “Old Town”. Despite being cut off from the rest of the world, the main merchant square, Tueller’s Market, is still lively as ever. During the day, the marketplace is overrun by a wide variety of carts and stalls peddling all manner of goods.

At night, the streets fill with delivery wagons shuffling the still impressive amount of supplies held by the City’s inhabitants.

Many of the City’s most popular locales such as the Auction House, Tueller’s Inn, and Armorer Street are all centered around the main square.

Exploring any of the smaller roads in the area will lead to a healthy mix of storefronts, eateries and residences.

1) Auction House
2) Merchant Alliance Office
3) Slavehouse
4) Lower Bowyer
5) Discount Potion Emporium
6) Philosopher’s Lounge
7) The Trading Post
8) Everyday Clay
9) Empire Bank
10) Ivan’s Ironworks
11) ibn Sabine Smithy
12) Fork Tavern
13) Market Inn
14) Great Goods
15) Temple of Erathis
16) Courthouse
17) Closing Remarks
18) Surly Ram
19) Old Town Jail
20) Old Town District Administration
21) Performance House

Old Town

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