Mardenhold, more commonly referred to on a day-to-day basis as simply “The City”. Although some prefer the more poetic, “City of the Eternal Siege”.

The City is the last remaining known holdings of a once vast Kingdom. The survivors of the Lizardfolk invasion have spent the last 200 years trapped behind the City’s walls and completely surrounded by hordes of the lizardmen and their dragon allies.

Until recently, the traditional royal family remained the head of the City government. After a brief revolution six years ago, a Council of Mages stepped into the power vacuum. The Council soon used their newly acquired resources to create the Barrier, which protects the City against any raids from the besiegers.

The City has a significantly depleted population compared to when the Siege began. The City originally housed nearly 100,000 while the current count reaches about half that.

Population: Roughly 50,000 Total
Humans: 70% – About 35,000
Dwarves: 10% – About 5,000
Haflings: 10% – About 5,000
Elves: 5% – About 2,500
Other: 5% – About 2,500

Dwarven Quarter
Middle Gate
North Gate
Old Town
South Gate
Temple’s Bend
The Gardens
The Skids
University Hill

Places of Interest:
Charon’s Palace
Cloudreacher Clan
Consortio Grove
Gemhammer Compound
House Tarok
King’s Keep
Laine Manor
Silk District
Vorkan’s Villa


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