The Lizardfolk of the Vilisthir swamps had always been traditional enemies of the Kingdom of Mardenhold. Even today, stories and songs of Lizardfolk raids on ancient Kingdom villages are still popular in the City’s taverns. But they had never proved a serious threat before the Invasion.

A little more than two hundred years ago, an an unprecedented number of Lizardmen streamed across the Kingdom’s borders. Supported by a flight of powerful dragons, the Kingdom’s territory quickly shrunk to the walls of their capital City. The lizardmen on their part, spent the next few centuries expanding their once modest entrenchments into an entire inhuman and ugly make-shift city surrounding the once gleaming capital.

Although they couldn’t penetrate fully into the City, it didn’t stop the Lizardmen from regularly sending skirmishing parties over the wall with hooks, ropes, and ladders. Thankfully, their forays into the City became impossible with the creation of the Barrier six years ago.

Most people’s knowledge of Lizardmen is flavored by generations of superstition. If one were to take a quick survey of a crowd in the City, you would learn that all Lizardmen breath fire, control the weather, speak to the dead, and possess a dozen other unlikely abilities. However almost everyone will list that Lizardfolk prefer to eat man-flesh when the victim is still alive.


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