The City of the Eternal Siege

Session 6

The One Where The Party Solved A Puzzle

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Characters Present

  • Oroso Wind-Caller
  • Shane the Monk
  • Tanner Stromgen
  • Tron the Balling

NPCs in this Session

Locations Visited

  • Emperor Lucius the Conquerer’s Tomb
  • Enchantment’s by Elzar
  • Gardens District Administration
  • Laine Manor
  • Logger’s Table
  • Merrid Woods
  • South Gate Camp Quartermaster
  • Tron the Balling’s House
  • Tueller’s Market

Magic/ Special Items

XP Distribution
Shane the Monk
Defeating Dark One Creeper (2) – 1,200
Defeating Dark One Witchdoctor – 700
Solving the Mirror/Altar Puzzle – 100
Total: 2,000 Points

Defeating Dark One Creeper (2) – 1,200
Defeating Dark One Witchdoctor – 700
Solving the Mirror/Altar Puzzle – 100
Writing a Recap – 50
Total: 2,050 Points

Tanner Stromgen
Defeating Dark One Creeper (2) – 1,200
Defeating Dark One Witchdoctor – 700
Solving the Mirror/Altar Puzzle – 100
Writing a Recap – 50
Total: 2,050 Points

Tron the Balling
Defeating Dark One Creeper (2) – 1,200
Defeating Dark One Witchdoctor – 700
Defeating Kriter the Bounty Hunter – 200
Solving the Mirror/Altar Puzzle – 100
Total: 2,200 Points

Player Recap
by Oroso Wind-Caller

“Do you know why I summoned you here today?”
The question hung in the air for what seemed like forever and a day. Oroso stared back into the eyes of Inquisitor Joslyn until she asked again. Only this time a Guardian walked over to stand behind the chair Oroso sat in. He liked to entice the Inquisitor, she drops her guard when she gets angry and I think she knows it which is why she motioned the Guardian to stand behind him.
“…I have an idea as to why, my Lady.” He calmly replied.
“Well why don’t I point you in the right direction” she replied, with a hand gesture following. Oroso felt the ground leave his feet as the Guardian picked him up, chair and all, and walked him over to a map of Mardenhold and set him back down with a thud.
“Show me where they are!” She screamed, her voice echoed through her office.
“Well I’m assuming you want to hear the whole story?”
Inquisitor Joslyn managed a crooked smile.
“I thought you would never ask. Start from the beginning…”
Oroso awoke from his trance like state feeling refreshed and more motivated than he had been in a long time. He managed to go to the bower and learn some new tricks of the trade the night before, one of those tricks is managing to shoot two arrows at once and he was eager to try it out. First though, he had a prior engagement with others and grabbed his things and headed east towards the south gate. Once he arrived it was about dawn and Shane was already waiting, Tanner following not long after Oroso showed up.
“Kingsley had some pressing issues to deal with at the college, I’m sure it was about those two kids we apprehended.” Shane said.
“Do we wait for Tron?” Tanner asked, a hint of annoyance could be heard.
“Not unless we want to be here all morning, plus, I’m sure we won’t find much of anything at Sir Wheeler’s room.” The three of them, including the dwarf and the elf mage, were tasked in finding Sir Wheeler and his son Jacob. Both of which disappeared shortly after the murder of Justine Laine. Lord Metus Laine, still recovering from the attack, is the one who informed the companions of the two missing. As they neared the barracks, Tanner walked in first, considering he was a guard and a higher ranking one at that so no one would give them any trouble. As they entered, the guards looked as if they were plucked right off the streets and thrown into armor that was three sizes too big. The group of adventures continued on until they went through another door, only this one led to a room. The room was big enough for a small cot, a desk a chair a foot chest and a larder to store and keep food fresh. The three of them noticed that the small room had been overturned as if someone were looking for something…or clues to find someone.
After a brief glance around the room and at each other, the door swung open with a thud as it hit the wall and three men stood in the doorway. The three men were guards, but not the guards they had seen when they first arrived. These guards looked more battle hardened, especially the one in the middle.
It was he who spoke first. “This room is off limits as ordered by Inquisitor Joslyn herself. Leave now, or face the consequences.” He finished as the two men behind them put their hands to their belts and onto their hilts. Tanner recognized the middle guard as a captain and the two behind him as mere soldiers and lower rank than tanner himself. He saluted the Captain and the Captain followed. Tanner spoke as his hand moved back down from his forehead to his side.
“Sir, we are looking into the disappearance of Sir Wheeler.”
“The criminal known as Sir Mand Wheeler is to be arrested on site for the murder of Justine Laine as ordered by Inquisitor Joslyn. Any evidence or known whereabouts of his location should be reported directly to her.”
Shane was the one who spoke next. “We are here on behalf of the Lady Inquisitor Joslyn.” The look on the captain’s face was of shock and disbelief.
“I have heard of no others leading this investigation but Joslyn herself.”
“Sir”, began Tanner, “we are newly appointed agents of the council and have free reign, according to the Inquisitor herself, to go where we please answering only to the council.” The captain didn’t like that Tanner pulled rank in front of his own men, considering Tanner had only the “Lieutenant” mark on his sleeve.
“Well I suppose you three wouldn’t be opposed if we brought this matter to her in person now would you?” The captain responded, trying to save a little dignity.
Oroso finally spoke. “Are you sure you want to bring this small, petty matter to Lady Inquisitor Joslyn, who spends most of her days dealing with more pressing matters?” Sweat began to form above the captain’s brow. He cursed silently to himself and motioned his fellow brothers to follow him out, leaving the group alone once again. There was nothing worth noting besides the room being ransacked so they decided to head back outside, hoping that Tron had finally decided to show up. After a few moments he did.
“Tron, so nice of you to join us this morning now that….”But Tanner stopped once he noticed the blood trickling down the front of his face and the spatters of it across his chest.
“What happened?!” Tanner screamed as the group stammered over to him with looks of concern.
“Huh”, he began “Oh you mean this?” He motioned to the blood spots on his garb. “Don’t worry it isn’t mine. But this is.” He finished as he wiped the blood from his face.
“Who did this to you Tron?” Shane asked.
“Some lowlife bounty hunter trying to make a name for himself by taking me down, but he was no match for my maul.” Tron blurted out.
“A bounty hunter?” Oroso asked with a surprised tone. “What do you mean?”
Without saying a word Tron handed the group a bloody rolled up piece of parchment with a detailed sketch of Tron with the headline “Tron The Balling wanted dead or alive for the sum of 600 gold pieces.”
“600 pieces! Who has that kind of gold?” Tanner wondered aloud.
“That is the question we should find the answer to lads.” Tron answered as he wiped the rest of the blood from his face with a rag and tossed it into a watering bucket that lay next to the guards barrack doors.
“I assume you didn’t find anything in Wheelers room”
“No, it looked as if someone had been there before us.”
“Any other leads to follow up on?”
After a short pause, Shane spoke up.
“We should talk to Jules.” Jules was the head servant at the Laine manner and seemed to have his ear everywhere. “I bet we can get something from him, I’ll go fetch him from the Manor why don’t you three head to the tavern over there and wait for us.” Shane pointed to the tavern that was used by mostly mages and magic folk. It was made of complete stone, the entrance had a sign that read “The Floating Drink” chiseled on the stone arches that stood ten feet high and attached to the roof. The three of them walked in, Oroso decided to head to the bar to get them all a drink while Tanner and Tron grabbed a table in the back away from the crowd. The crowd consisted of mostly students at the college; they were wearing bright colored robes and huge hats that were colored to indicate which school of magic they were attending. Oroso made his way through the crowd and back to the table with a flagon of…something. Tron and Tanner couldn’t recognize the look or smell of it. Oroso set out five mugs and poured this liquid into each cup, he spoke as he began…
“The barkeep told me we needed to try this special brew if we haven’t and he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer so I just gave him the 10 silver pieces and took it.”
“Ten silver pieces, this better taste just as good as that lamb we had or better for that price.” Tron spat. He was a brewmaster at his on brewhouse back in the dwarven part of the city and Oroso could tell that he was angry at the price for the amount we received. Oroso has heard great things about his mead but has never tried it before, he planned on doing it sooner rather than later.
“This tastes like absolute piss compared to my own brew and you paid ten silver for this Elf?” Tron laughed as he finished his cup anyways without any further complaints. Shane arrived with Jules following. Jules looked like a typical house steward. He had on fancy clothes that had the symbol of the Laine family outlined with gold trim on the front of his shirt. His pants were a pale green with the same gold trim running along the sides; his balding head was covered up with a elegant hat with a golden feather stretching out towards the ceiling. Most cities would confuse him with royalty or of noble birth but all of the head stewards dressed this way. The only thing that stood out to everyone at the table was that Jules looked as if he had just woken up, or was up all night.
They both sat down at the table, Shane reached for the cup in front of him and took a quick sip. The look on his face suggested he was thinking the same as Tron as he set the cup back down.
“So I am here, now what is it you all wanted from me?” Jules spoke as he sat down.
Tanner was the first to speak out of the group, “We were wondering if you had any idea, or heard anything concerning Sir Mand?”
Jules looked back at each of the adventurers faces with confusion. After a brief moment of silence he finally replied.
“Wha…what do you mean? Haven’t you all talked to Lord Laine? He told me to do it last night; I was up all night doing it for him. Tanner you received it didn’t you?
The group looked Tanner’s way; his face looked to have been painted red.
“Yes, I received it but all the note said was “Honor the old ways” and I haven’t the smallest idea as to what that means.
“And you think I do? All that my Lord told me to do was to fetch the engraved rock and give you that letter and that was all.” Jules seemed to be agitated now, most likely from the lack of sleep. He looked the part, as his eyes were droopy and bags formed under his eyes.
“Let us see this rock Tanner.” Oroso said firmly.
Tanner, after a moment of hesitation, pulled out a black rock shaped like a skull. It was perfectly crafted to look like a skull of a man. The black rock glistened from the magic light fixtures scattered throughout the tavern.
“So you have no idea what this is for?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.”
After a long pause Jules finally broke the silence.
“It might have something to do with that old Temple in the woods over by Laine manner. My lord mentioned it a few days ago but it escaped my mind til now.”
“Well it is our only choice; I guess we can check it out.” Shane stated as he stood up along with Jules, shook his hand and led him to the door.
Oroso looked up from the table and spoke, “Jules, you didn’t have any of the mead.”
Jules looked back at Oroso, shook his head and replied “It tastes like piss.”
The four of them walked back towards the Laine Manor, but decided none of them had been in the woods before and thought it would be a good idea to get a guide who has. The tavern next to the woods was a safe place to start. The Lumberjacks have all been in the woods plenty of times and at this hour it was a safe bet that most, if not all of them, were in the tavern drinking.
As the group walked in they could immediately see the difference in this tavern from the last. This tavern was more accustomed to have hard working lumber men and woman and was more laid back, rowdy, and loud, whereas the Floating Drink was more quite, somber and depressing to even be inside of. Not to mention the prices of drinks. Oroso decided to buy another round for the group and only spent one silver piece including a hefty tip to the barkeep. The group liked this tavern better, especially Tron who was on his fourth glass by the time they found someone who may help them out.
“The names Larry and I hear y’all are lookin’ fer a guide to get through the forest to some ol temple of some sorts?” Truth is I seen it before and don’t know why you folks would want to go there, ain’t nothing there but broken walls and some old mirrors. But what you do is your business.” Larry didn’t look like the typical lumber jack, he was scrawny, with weak looking arms and legs and didn’t look like he could even yield an axe let alone swing one. He couldn’t have been more than 17 years old. But he knew how to handle himself while talking which came apparent to the group as he robbed them for 20 gold pieces to bring them through the forest.
“ Now I know it looks like I be cheatin’ you in this deal, but we all have do what is best for ourselves when it comes down to it. And I don’t want to be stuck being a lumberjack for the rest of me life.” The group looked at each other and motioned for Larry to lead the way.
The temple was an hour or so hike through the thick trees of this forest. Larry may not look strong but he sure was nimble and knew this area as well as anyone. When they arrived at the temple Tanner recognized it as a temple to the Deity Palor. Followers of Palor were genuinely good hearted people, Tanner assumed the temple grounds would be safe and led the rest of the group inside. Tanner took the lead with Shane and Tron next and Oroso taking up the rear and Larry in front of him.
The temple doors swung open easily enough into a giant room. This room had pillars lined up and down each side that stretched up to the ceiling, the left side of the temple was missing a chunk of the wall as one pillar looks to have fallen and crashed into it spilling the swamp from outside into the temple grounds. The right side had mirrors lined up the whole wall, looked like nine total in all, and they were smaller mirrors than those found in other temples. The back of the room was blocked by an altar of some sort that rose up from the center of the room, stairs led up to some sort of bowl that sat in the middle. Tanner and Shane made their way to the stairs as Tron walked around the left side. Oroso, with Larry on his back, made their way to the right. As they moved around the center structure where Shane and Tanner now were, Oroso noticed smoke coming from the back.
“Tron, do you see it?”
“Aye” He responded as he swung his warhammer from his back and down to his hands. Oroso took out his bow and readied an arrow. As he stepped closer towards the smoke he heard the sound of fire on wood. He heard Tron say something and turned the corner to see Tron standing around a campfire with chairs surrounding it. In one of these chairs was a woman dressed in all red with her hair in a bun behind her head and her eyes fixed on the fire, her eyes filled with blankness.
“My lady” Tron let out a soft whisper as he drew near. Oroso fixed his bow on her ready for anything.
Her eyes finally blinked. Then the screams followed. Terrible, unbearable screams were let out by this woman as she fell back in the chair and bolted back up to her feet. Tron reached out for her but she recoiled and turned to run but that is when she noticed Oroso and the arrow that was fixed on her. She stepped back right into Trons big dwarf arms.
“NO!!!! LET ME GO!” Her voice echoed throughout the temple, Shane and Tanner looked on from above as Tron tried to settle her nerves.
“Lady we aren’t here to hurt you, we are here looking for someone.”
“DEAD! THEY ARE ALL DEAD! THEY MADE ME WATCH!” her screams continued to echo.
“Who is dead? Who made you watch?” Larry spoke up as he moved right beside Oroso. At that moment, Oroso felt a chill creep up his spine as if someone were standing behind him. He turned, but it was already too late. In an instant, a shadow emerged and stuck Larry through the heart with a dagger and disappeared again into the shadows. With a surprised look on his face, Larry clenched at his chest and fell to the ground. Oroso knew there was nothing he could do about Larry now except to avenge him.
The woman screamed again as another figure formed beside Tron and whispered into his ear. Tron looked up at Shane and Tanner with blood in his eyes. Oroso notched two arrows to his bow string and let them go towards the figure next to Tron. He dodged them but in the process his hood fell down to show his face. Staring back at Oroso was two eyes of different color filled with hate, a mouth full of razors for teeth and ears that flopped over. His grey skin was covered in magical markings that seemed to glow now that he put a spell on Tron. The sound of shield against steel came from where Shane and Tanner were standing atop the spire near the altar. Two more hooded figures stood next to Tanner and Shane with daggers in hand, Tanner shielded himself from the blows just in time as Shane stringed together a flurry of punches against the nearest one, killing him fast enough for only one punch to land but actually it was nearly five that connected. Tron climbed the steps and was only yards away from Tanner with his maul at the ready. Oroso strung two more arrows and fired. This time at the hooded figure next to Tanner, the arrows struck the figure in the chest dropping him. Tanner turned to look Oroso’s way but saw Tron instead with his hammer raised above his head. Tanner managed to bring his own weapon up just in time to soften the dwarfs blow. Shane quickly turned and leaped into action against Tron. He flipped over his head landing behind him, stuck out his fist towards Tron but Tron grabbed it with his open hand. Shane smiled as he brought his open palm down hard across Trons face.
“Damn monk! That hurt.” Tron screamed as his senses were returned to normal.
Oroso notched two more arrows and took aim at the hooded figure by the fire but he wasn’t there anymore. Splashes could be heard from the other side of the center spire. Oroso made his way to the top to see Shane pointing at the opening in the far corner of the temple. The lone figure looked back at the group, hissed and disappeared into the forest.
“What were those things?” Tron asked as he made sure Tanner was ok. Tanner was bleeding from the arm but no serious signs of injury. Oroso looked back to see the body of Larry lying in a pool of his own blood.
“I don’t know who they were, but that woman may know. Where is she?”
“I saw her running towards the exit before that…thing put a spell on me.”
“Well let’s have a look around, keep your eyes open and watch each other’s backs for more of these fiends.” Shane responded.
The group made their way over to the fire. The four chairs surrounding it were spaced out evenly and above the fire was a kettle. Tron opened it up and steam poured out along with a pleasant smell. Tron took the ladle by its handle and began to stir
“Well they may have been ugly but they sure know how to co…” Tron stopped mid sentence as his face went white. The rest of the group peered into the kettle and saw a hand floating at the top. Tron tossed the lid back on and grumbled something before continuing his search. The group looked around for what seemed like an eternity before Tron spoke up.
“We have searched high and low and the only thing in these temple ruins are a body of a boy we pretty much killed, a broth made out of human parts and some blasted mirrors!” His voice cracked as he sat down against a pillar. He reached into his pack and pulled out a flask of ale and began to drink. Oroso sat down next to Tron and brought out his own flask and struck his against Trons and began to drink. That is when Shane began to wave towards the mirror.
“Guys, my reflection isn’t in that mirror.” He pointed to the third one from the left. Tron and Oroso stood up as Tanner marched over to it. A few feet away from it he stopped, gasped aloud and took it from the wall.
“You aren’t going to believe this.” He said while bringing the mirror closer.
As he neared, the group saw people in the reflection but it was not them staring back. Instead what they saw was the temple not in ruin and the altar atop the staircase surrounded by priests in robes bowing to something towards the entrance.
“Tanner, shift the mirror so we can see the front of the room.” Shane commanded as he grabbed a rag from his pouch and wiped smudges and dirt from the mirror. Tanner obeyed and turned the mirror and in the reflection was a man dawned in all gold armor with a red cape flowing behind him dragging on the floor as he walked into the temple. He stopped between two statues that were carved out of stone that resembled him. He struck a pose that the statues were carved into and the people clapped and threw their hands into the air.
“What is this Tanner?” Tron finally asked the question the rest of the group was wondering.
“The guy in the armor is Emperor Lucius the third. Lucius the Conqueror as many know him. It was his blood line that sat atop the throne before being overthrown.” Tanner answered but his gaze never looked away from the mirror.
Oroso looked up for an instant and caught a glimpse of another mirror. He walked away from the group and stopped dead in his tracks. In this mirror he didn’t see a man in stunning gold armor or himself. Instead, he saw a group of men in white togas surrounding a man in a black toga with a dagger held above his head.
“Guys….” Oroso called out as he grabbed the mirror from the wall and brought it over to them.
The group looked on as they watched the man with the dagger grab a woman by her hair and hold her over the altar atop the spire. He placed the dagger near one ear and in a quick motion the dagger was red with blood. Her blood spilled out over and into the altar as it changed shape and a small opening formed in the center. The man with the dagger was now holding a skull and placed it in the opening.
“I got it!” Tanner screamed as he set the mirror down and grabbed Larry’s body and carried him up the stairs. He set the boy inside…but nothing happened.
“Wait,” Shane chimed in. “the alter is different in that mirror somehow. Tron help me turn it.” Shane and Tron climbed the steps as Oroso set the mirror down and followed. Shane and Tron turned it and it locked into place with a thud. The blood of Larry filled the bowl and as it did, the structure that was formed in the mirror was now forming for the group.
“That must have been what Jules meant by “follow the old ways”. That mirror you held Oroso was from before even Lucius and his day. It must have been thousands of years ago whereas the one with Lucius was only hundreds. I don’t like using the blood of a small boy but I wasn’t thinking I just sort of sprung into action.”
The small cylinder finished forming and now the alter remained still until Tanner placed the skull shaped rock into the opening and pressed the cylinder back into place. The ground began to shake and the floor where the fire had been began to shift and move. The group peered down to an opening in the floor with a set of steps leading down.
“Ok, it worked. But we are not leaving this boy here like this.” Tanner stated as he grabbed him and set him down gently on the stone floor. “We will be back for you. May Palor guide you.” His hand went to the boy’s forehead as he said the words of blessing. The group remained motionless and waited.
Tanner stood up and began walking towards the new set of stairs that had just appeared. The rest of the group followed into the darkness beyond. As the companions neared the bottom of the stairs, a faint glow could be seen.
“Someone must be done here” Shane started. “There is a light ahead.”
But as the group made their way to the bottom and peered inside the light was gone and they stood in complete darkness. Oroso, with his elf eyes, could see just enough to tell the group where they are.
“We seem to be in a tomb of some sorts, there are coffins lined up along the walls.”
“Hold on, I have a torch in my bag of holding.” Tron blurted out. Tron came into the possession of this magic sack a few days ago. It is a very interesting item as it is capable of holding just about anything without becoming heavy. Tron even joked about putting a person in there once. Whether he was actually joking or not the group has no idea.
The torch lit up the room and shadows started to dance off the walls as Tron panned the lit torch from one side of his face to the other. Sure enough, all that was in this room were coffins. Each coffin had the same markings as the group moved through the narrow hall. They walked for a short while before they saw another coffin atop a platform covered in different markings.
“This is the resting place of Emperor Lucius the third.” Tanner spoke up as the group neared the platform. A faint glow began to appear in the corner next to the coffin…
“AHH WHAT A GREAT BATTLE THAT WAS TO WATCH, A GREAT BATTLE INDEED!” A voice boomed and echoed throughout the narrow passage, the group looked stunned to see a transparent man standing in the corner, his armor identical to the man in the mirror.
“I AM EMPEROR LUCIUS, OR LUCIUS THE CONQUERER AND THIS IS MY TOMB!” He raised his arms above his head as he said the words.
Tanner, upon hearing the figure speak, dropped to a knee.
“My lord it is an honor.”
The four of them looked at each other confused before Shane spoke up.
“Your heir? What ever do you mean?”
“My lord,” began Tanner, “the throne was overthrown some years ago. The lineage, I am sorry to say, died along with the last known King.” Tanner finished, his voice shaking.
The transparent Lucius smiled, extended his arm and pointed to a wall behind him. A very small jewel could be seen. This jewel seemed to glow very dimly and was also surrounded by hundreds of other small jewels except their glow was completely gone.
“THAN TELL ME, TANNER STROMGEN,” Tanner was thrown aback as to how he knew his full name. “WHY DOES THE STAR OF MY PEOPLE STILL GLOW?!”
The group, lost for words at this moment, could do or say nothing. Emperor Lucius’ smile turned to a frown as his voice seemed to echo even louder.
Oroso finally managed to speak, if only to stop him from becoming any more upset.
“Perhaps it is because there is one from your blood who yet lives, someone no one knows about? Someone who perhaps everyone is looking for at this very moment?” Oroso finished as he shot a quick look over to Tanner. Tanner’s eyes grew wide.
“Of course!” He yelled as it became clear to him. “I know who it is!”
“Who?” Shane begged to know
“I know now why they would try to kill him, and cover it up at Justine’s birthday celebration. He was adopted at a very young age and Sir Mand was giving the orders to raise him as his own. Lucas Wheeler is the one of whom you speak.” He finished and looked up at Emperor Lucius. The Emperor of old looked at each of them and smiled.
“I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I LIKED YOU ALL.” He stated, he raised his arms and clasped his hands together. “NOW I MUST BID YOU ALL A FAREWELL.”
“Well hold on just a minute there Lord Conqueror” Tron began, “You must know where this Lucas boy is?”
Lucius dropped his arms to the side, and whispered just loudly enough for the group to hear.
“Why yes, I do. And so does your friend Tanner. There is only one place a true King goes if in real danger. Only one place that opens up for us and only us. NOW GO!” His voice booming once again as his ghost began to fade away once more.
“So Tanner,” began the dwarf Tron. “Where is this place he spoke of?”
As Tanner turned to face the group the wall behind the coffin began to tear apart with a thundering clasp. Red light started to fill the once again dim room. The four of them could do nothing but watch as a doorway formed right in front of their faces and a red glow illuminated from where the stone wall used to be.
“I wish Kingsley was here to see this again.” Tron stated, Oroso took note as to what he said and responded first.
“What do you mean by again?”
Tron looked up at the Elf staring back down at him.
“Me and that Kingsley first saw one of these portals back a few days ago before any of us even met you. We decided to venture inside but only for a moment.”
“And why haven’t you ever said anything about this to us?” Shane demanded as he drew closer to Tron.
Tron took a step in Shane’s direction.
“Because Monk, you never asked.”
“Enough of this you two,” Tanner interrupted them. “We do not need to be fighting each other, especially not after what we just learned.”
“Agreed,” answered Oroso as he unsheathed his rapier and began heading towards the newly opened portal.
“I guess we should have a look…”



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