The City of the Eternal Siege

Session 5

Drinking the Kool-Aid

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Note: From this session forward, The City of the Eternal Siege campaign will be played with the released 5th edition D&D Basic Rules

Characters Present

  • Kingsley Cinderhound
  • Oroso
  • Shane the Monk
  • Tanner Stromgen
  • Tron the Balling

NPCs in this Session

Locations Visited

  • Bristling Bag
  • Druidic Circle
  • Gardens District Administration
  • Laine Manor
  • Mardenhold Immigration and Emigration Bureau
  • Potsby’s Patented Potions
  • Raegan’s Anvil
  • Scribewell Ruins
  • Second Hand Goods
  • South Gate Camp Quartermaster
  • Tron the Balling’s House

Magic/ Special Items

XP Distribution
Kingsley Cinderhound
Defeating the “Shady” Character – 200
Defeating the Orb – 30
Total: 230 Points

Shane the Monk
Becoming A Council Agent – 100
Defeating the “Shady” Character – 200
Defeating the Orb – 30
Shelf-jitsu – 10
Total: 340 Points

Becoming A Council Agent – 100
Defeating the “Shady” Character – 200
Defeating the Orb – 30
Writing a Recap – 50
Total: 380 Points

Tanner Stromgen
Becoming A Council Agent – 100
Defeating the “Shady” Character – 200
Defeating the Orb – 30
Writing a Recap – 50
Total: 380 Points

Tron the Balling
Becoming A Council Agent – 100
Defeating the “Shady” Character – 200
Defeating the Orb – 30
Furthering the Stolen Chair Black Market – 10
Total: 340 Points

Player Recaps
by Oroso Wind-Caller
“…It has been awhile my friend. The last time I wrote in here was well before my last hunt. I
guess I write today because of the way things are going these days. After following those Blue Wolf Mercs and dispatching some very troubled youth, Shane, Tron, Kingsley, Tanner and myself found some strange orb in what I can only describe as a warehouse. The reason I call this orb “strange” is because when I picked it up, it began to speak to us. It spoke as if it knew we were coming, as if it knew where we were. It said it was waiting for us. I should have thrown it to the ground and smashed it right than, but my curiosity got the better of me. In all my years I have never seen anything like it and probably never will again. We were all fixated on this orb, which is when the shadow from behind us began to move and snuck up behind Tron and stabbed him. Tron however, wasn’t fazed by this shadow and went in to attack as the rest of us were thrown and blasted away by the orb. It hurt. I will say during the last few days we have been in the thick of things but nothing scared me more than this orb did. Shane, who still baffles me with the things he is able to do, jumped to a nearby shelf, somersaulted toward the orb and struck it so hard and so fast I nearly missed it. The orb shattered in midair. Tron dispatched of the shadow as well and we left and headed back to Laine manor. Lord Laine was still bedridden upon our return, but he was able to speak and asked for all of us personally. What he told us will stay with me forever, and will not be written down for fear of someone snooping around my things. Joslyn was waiting for us downstairs as we left the Lord bedroom. She escorted us to her office where she offered us all a job. Except Kingsley, who had to depart back to his professor at the college.

I felt I had to take it even though I was on the hunt already for another individual whom shall
not be named here either. And now I am here, at home in the Elf part of the city writing in this jounal for the first time in decades. Looking back through the previous pages I now wonder why I stopped….

by Mathias Gothschild
“… We bound the hands of the two students and walked back the other way down the corridor. We entered into another warehouse that was full of carts and tents and rotten gods know what, and there were many bookshelves as well that were mostly empty.

“We headed for the warehouse door when suddenly, a green orb sprang to life. There was no face but it spoke as if there was another man in the room with us. He taunted us, claiming to know who we were and knew that we were at the Laine manor during Justine’s murder.”

“Who was the man?”

“In good time, Mr. Gothschild. As he was taunting us, a shady figure snuck up behind us and plunged a sword into Tron’s side; and this was the guy who shot the poison dart at Lucas. He was disposed of and this orb floated up above us and shot some magic bolts at us. And of course, Shane did another feat of acrobatics and smacked the thing right out of the air, and it shattered into a million pieces.”

“What did the students do while you all were fighting?”

“I pushed them out of the way once the fighting started so they just laid there. And it was during this battle that Kord smiled upon me gracefully and it was at that moment I knew I was to become a discipline of his order.

“We left the warehouse and sure enough: middle of the Scribewell, just outside of the Thousand and One. We headed back to the Laine Manor while Kingsley returned the students back to the University. We were stopped by Guardians at the Laine manor, with good reason. We were technically supposed to be there.”

“Was the Inquisitor there?”

He shook his head, “Not yet. Lady Laine was tending to her garden, and by now she was officially touched. The staff had told her Justine had left for the Laine ancestral homeland outside the city. Jules quickly ushered us up to Lord Metus’s chambers where we had quite the serious conversation with him.”

He paused for a moment and looked around. He leaned in close and restarted his recounting. "Lord Metus said that the assassins were after Lucas Wheeler, that he was the target and Justine was just a decoy. He couldn’t tell us why Lucas was important, bound by some magical contract, but he also mentioned that no one had seen Sir Wheeler since I had sent him away after telling him about the fire lizards. He instructed us to find Lucas and Sir Wheeler and keep them as FAR away from the Manor as possible.

“Just then, Jules came in and told us that Inquisitor Joslyn had returned to the Manor and requested to speak with us. Not wanting to anger the lovely Inquisitor, we went to see her.

“She wasn’t on her floating disk when we met her. She knew that we had been gone, and the staff had covered for us, saying that we were on a morning stroll, but once she brought us to the administration building in the Gardens, she knew that we were in Scribewell, which you certainly know is off-limits to citizens.

“The interview with her was very strange. She talked to us all, except Kingsley, together. Her office was the gawdy thing on this earth and the Skids would do nicely if they sold even her pen. We told her everything that we had discovered that morning: Kyder’s Doors, the Immigration Office, the zombies, all of that. She claimed that Sir Wheeler was behind the assassination, as not even the Inquisition had seen him. And then, out of nowhere, she officered us Inquisitor positions. We accepted the job, and the 500 gold piece bonus, after much debate. ‘Keep your enemies close, and drink the Cool-aide’ were Shane’s words.”

“What’s Cool-Aide?”

“No idea, probably some Monk bullshit. Anyways, the rest of the day, we split up to take care of various business around the city. I visited Tark’s blacksmith to order a new Darksteel sword, and I can’t remember whatever else did, but they all did their fair share of reflection. I eventually found my way to the Kord shire in the Gods’ House where I began my training as a disciple of Kord. One of the Brothers there also told me a holy relic buried with some old Emperor.”

“Did you go and get the relic?”




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