The City of the Eternal Siege

Session 4

Attack of the Necr-emo-mancers

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Characters Present

  • Kingsley Cinderhound
  • Oroso
  • Shane the Monk
  • Tanner Stromgen

NPCs in this Session

Locations Visited

Magic Items

XP Distribution
Kingsley Cinderhound
Defeating “Dark Lord” Wayland Aurum – 150
Defeating Quincy Wynd – 100
Defeating Vincent Quillard – 100
Defeating Seven (7) Zombies – 70
“I’d call that a shot in the dark!” – 50
Sparing the Mage Students – 100
Total: 570 Points

Shane the Monk
Defeating “Dark Lord” Wayland Aurum – 150
Defeating Quincy Wynd – 100
Defeating Vincent Quillard – 100
Defeating Seven (7) Zombies – 70
Pre-Game Recap – 50
Sparing the Mage Students – 100
Total: 570 Points

Defeating “Dark Lord” Wayland Aurum – 150
Defeating Quincy Wynd – 100
Defeating Vincent Quillard – 100
Defeating Seven (7) Zombies – 70
Sparing the Mage Students – 100
Total: 520 Points

Tanner Stromgen
Defeating “Dark Lord” Wayland Aurum – 150
Defeating Quincy Wynd – 100
Defeating Vincent Quillard – 100
Sparing the Mage Students – 100
Defeating Seven (7) Zombies – 70
Writing a Recap – 50
Total: 570 Points

Player Recap
by Mathias Gothschild

“After a brief moment, and some healing done by me, we continued onwards down the hall…” He paused for a moment. “I’m sorry, my head gets a bit fuzzy here. You see, there were more zombies down the hall. I remember that vividly; we all crowded around a door and easily cut them down.” Another pause. He seemed to be concentrating very hard on remembering. “We found this pen that wrote down anything that happened in the room and it had recorded a conversation between an immigration officer and an immigrant… as well as about 20 pages of screams…” He paused agian; only this I time, I don’t think it was to remember something.

“We went into the room that the other zombies were in. And from a door across the room, we heard this gutteral noise. It sounded like a person; it turned out to be some students from the University who were ‘practicing’ necromancy… I use the term ‘practicing’ very lightly. Though they were reanimating corpses from this massive mound of bodies piled up the ten foot ceilings. They hadn’t put them there, though. That’s for certain.

“There was a skirmish, which is why I can’t remember it very well. I was swarmed by zombies and I was weakened by the goo-cube things no more than ten minutes before; I was overwhelmed quickly. I regained consciousness after the fighting had ended. Apparently, Shane had also gone down. Kingsley was holding this gem that one of the students was using to reanimate the corpses. We escorted them out.”

“Escorted who?” I asked for clarification.

“The students. Well, two of them. The third one transformed into a rat or something and ran.”

“Were the students injured?”

“Define injured… I’m kidding. The leader, whose name I can’t remember, took two arrows in the hands, but that’s all the injuries they took. We took a far greater beating than they did.
And if it hadn’t been for Kingsley, well, I would be telling a very different story…”

by Oroso
Session 3 and 4 Recap

Oroso stood over the Elf mage while he reached for the rope hanging from his belt and started to tie up the remaining members of the mercenary group known as the blue wolves. “I’m Kingsley” the elf managed to say as he stood up. “Thank you so very much for the assistance but I must ask who you are?” Oroso, after securing the last of his knots on the mercs, turned around and calmly said “I am Oroso, a friend, and that is all you need to know.” At that moment the doors burst open and Guardians came piling in one after another. Oroso knew better than to take on one Guardian let alone a whole group. He dropped his weapons to his feet and put his hands in the air. The Paladin guard did the same. Kingsley hesitated for a split second before following everyone else while Tron mumbled something before throwing his weapon down with a thud.

The man standing over the Merc captain had no weapons but raised his hands over his head regardless.

Smart man.

Following the Guardians were a number of guards, a man dressed in robes and a woman dressed in all white with the mage council symbol on her chest. Inquisitor Joslyn. Oroso has had dealings with her in the past. As he looked closer at her he noticed she wasn’t walking, but flying through the great hall on a stone slab shaped like a disc. Most likely magic, Oroso concluded.

“What IS going on here?!” Her voice boomed through the great hall, her question not aimed at a specific person as she shot her gaze around to everyone present in the room. Her eyes stopped and her face went as white as her garb when she saw Lady Justine’s motionless body lying in a pool of her own blood.

“My lady we….” The man with no weapons began to speak.

“Inquisitor Joslyn is how you will address me.” She shouted over him.

“A thousand apologies inquisitor Joslyn. My name is Shane, I…”

“I know who you are.” She cut him off again. “What I don’t know is how this managed to happen or who some of these people are.” Her eyes moved from Shane to the others.

“Kingsley…I know you. Your teacher is over by the door. And you…” her eyes now fixed now fixed on Oroso.

“You’re Oroso. The bounty hunter. Why would you be here…unless.”

“May we speak in private my lady Inquisitor Joslyn?” Oroso blurted out.
Joslyn stared at him for what seemed like an eternity. “Fine” She finally stated.

Her eyes moved on now to the Paladin.

“Tanner Stromgen of the city guard my lady Inquisitor Joslyn.” He managed to say as he dropped his head and bowed. By the look on her face, she knew him as well. Then her eyes fixed on the Dwarf, Tron.

“…I don’t know you.” She said as she motioned the Guardians into position.

“Sieze him!” A voice came from behind the Guardians. It was Arthur Laine.
Tron picked up his weapon and swung it over his head back down into his hand and gripped it tight as a smile came upon his face.

“My Lady please stop this, I can vouch for him!” Tanner pleaded

“Me as well.” Oroso calmly said as him and the Inquisitor exchanged looks.

After a brief moment she motioned for the Guardians to stand down and to escort Arthur Laine back to his room.

“I expect you all to be here in the morning so I may conduct a personal interview to each of you.” She said before she flew off on her magic disc.

“You are all welcome to stay in my chambers tonight.” said the man who Oroso now knew as Shane.

So Shane, Tanner, Kingsley, Tron and Oroso made their way to Shane’s living quarters. When they arrived all Oroso saw was a desk with a little wooden chair and a bed. The bed was already claimed by Tron who had plopped himself down and began snoring already.

“I guess we should all get try and rest.” Shane said as he sat down with his back against the wall.

Oroso was the last one awake. He has had trouble falling into Trance lately. He doesn’t know why or how it came to be or what he must do. He glanced over at the Elf Kingsley who was already in his Trance state and felt himself get angry for not being able to that quickly. After almost an hour he finally felt himself slip away.

The next morning the 5 of them went back to the great hall to await the summons of the Inquisitor. Everyone was getting restless, especially Kingsley who took it upon himself to help the servants clean the walls. He began using his mage hand spell to help them reach the places they could not. Oroso noticed Shane walk over to the tapestry where the Ice mage was trying to escape to last night. Shane moved it and revealed the broken window which was due to a servants ladder crashing though it yesterday morning.

“What is it you are hoping to find Monk?” Oroso calmly asked. Shane stared out into the courtyard for awhile before reaching into his pack. As he pulled out a glass bottle with a clear liquid inside he gestured towered the watering hole and said “I searched the bodies of the Blue Mercs before the Guardians dispatched of them and found these. I believe these to be a form of magic and according to Kingsley they are a water breathing drink.” Oroso, now looking toward the watering hole, knew what Shane was getting at. Oroso smiled and looked back at Shane, “So do you have any more of those potions?”

“It just so happens that I have five of them.”

“Ok”, began Tanner Stromgen.“As long as we are back before the Inquisitor gets back to conduct her interviews.” He finished as the group of men reached the well and peered inside.

“I say one of the Elves go in first and check it out.” Tron stated.

“I agree, I can see in the dark and if some trap awaits it would be foolish to all go in at once.” Oroso replied as he undid the rope from his belt and handed it to Tanner. Tanner, without being asked began to tie the rope around Oroso as Shane handed him a water breathing potion. Oroso opened the bottle and drank the potion. The taste was awful but the worst is that it didn’t feel like drinking a liquid, it felt like a handful of slime was being forced down his throat as he choked. Tron laughed and made a remark that Oroso didn’t care to hear. When the sensation passed Oroso gave the thumbs up and jumped inside. After a few moments Tanner felt a tug on the rope and began pulling Oroso up until he appeared.

“Alright” He said without taking a breath as he returned. “The well seems to go down about 30 or so feet and turns into an underground river. The current is strong and I couldn’t see more than a few feet beyond my face.”

Kingsley, without saying a word, grabbed a potion and chugged. He gagged for a few seconds before saying “We have to go in, where ever it goes it doesn’t matter. Justine’s killers were going to use it. Maybe we can find out who hired them.” It was clear to Oroso, and the whole group for that matter, that Kingsley had strong feelings for Justine. No one seemed to disagree as everyone started to chug their potions. After they were finished, Tanner had the idea of roping everyone together due to the strong currents. That way the group wouldn’t be separated. Tron also mentioned he could store their equipment into his sack that he had stolen from Grandpa Harper’s General Store. Oroso laughed at the idea and said that all their belongings couldn’t possibly fit in there but as each member piled their stuff in, the sack never grew.

“Magic, should have known.” Oroso cursed as he gave Tron his belongings he wished to keep dry.

Kingsley jumped in first, followed by Tanner. Tron and Shane followed with Oroso taking the rear. As they made their way to the bottom, Kingsley gestured they have reached the river. The touched down on the bottom and began to swim, the current mostly pushing them along. After a few minutes of seeing nothing, Oroso noticed a glow coming from in front of the group about 30 feet. The ground began to move up as the group slowly moved out of the water. The glow was a torch that was hanging on the back wall of the cave. A cave with no exit. Seems strange that the Mercs would go through all this trouble and not have a means of escape.

But as Oroso looked around the cave some more he noticed another glow. Coming from the center of the cave. A door was standing in the middle of the cave with no walls around it. Shane, without saying a word, decided to open the door and go through it. Oroso thought he would come out the other side, but he never did. Oroso knew this city had magic surrounding it but never thought he would see magic like this. The rest of the group followed. There was no warning, no strange feeling or gust of wind as they went through. It felt like going through any other door, only difference is that they didn’t end up on the other side of this door in the cave. They walked into a massive temple by the looks of it. Oroso had never seen such a place before.

Kinsley gasped as he looked up. Oroso followed his gaze and saw that they were standing in the middle of a room that went at least 200 feet high with 10 or more levels every 15 to 20 feet. On each level, separated by a mere 3 feet of space were doors. There must have been thousands, hundreds of thousands. The doors were limitless. Oroso looked back at the group and saw Shane grab a change of clothes that were resting on a table beside the door they walked through and slip them on.

“My guess is” Shane began. “is that the mercs that we didn’t arrest or kill still made their way through this….place. Whatever this place may be.”

“Emperor Kyder.” A voice quietly said. Oroso turned to see Kingsley still staring up into the never-ending expanse of doors. “Who?” Tanner asked.

“This is the work of Emperor Kyder. These are his doors.” Kingsley answered and looked back at the blank stares of the group. “He was the one who built this, with the help of the mages of course. It was said that he was so paranoid and afraid of everything that he had this place built as kind of a sanctuary. All of these doors lead to a door in Mardenhold but only a select few actually lead here. It is incredible that this place actually exists!” He finished with a smile on his face.

“Look up there!” Tron pointed to the 4th level where a door was left open.

“Let’s move.” Shane commanded as he led the way. Tron began handing back the groups equipment as they climbed the set of stairs and arrived at the door he pointed out earlier.

“Ok, I say we do this a little differently than the last door Shane.” Oroso suggested as he crouched down and went through the door with the group following. On the other side was a very small, very damp room. The smell made everyone cough at first.

“There is shit on the floor…”Tron called out as he moved his foot over to a cot and began scrapping it off the bottom of his boot.

“Keep quiet and follow me.” Said Oroso as he opened the wooden door and slid out staying low. The place was dark, but the group’s eyes adjusted so they could see well enough but they still had no idea where they were. The place was lined with doors but each door had a number above it and each door also had a lock…on the outside. Oroso’s first thought was a jail cell of some sort. But it looked abandoned for years. The group kept moving their way through hall after hall until they finally came into an open room.

“Welcome” is what was painted on the wall as they entered. The amount of languages that it was stated in was what caught Oroso’s attention. He felt like he had been seen that wall before.

“This must be the old Immigration and Emigration Bureau.” Tanner whispered to the rest of the group. They made their way through the entryway and down a few steps to an even bigger room. Along the walls were paintings that seemed to have been caught on fire and in every corner there were ash piles. Directly in the center of the room was a giant map underneath a sheet of protective glass. A star marked Mardenhold. The rest of the area was land that the group had no idea existed since they have been stuck in Mardenhold since the siege began almost 200 years ago. But Oroso knew the land well as he was outside the walls before the siege ever began. He walked from side to side looking down at the map as the rest of the group looked at other areas of the room. Oroso finally stopped and sighed.

“Home.” He whispered to himself as he felt a tear roll down his cheek. “Teia is most likely cooking dinner for the little ones now.” He continued to whisper to himself. "Ha, probably not so little any more. Domikis is likely grown into a strong young man by now and Loretta. Oh my little, sweet Loretta is most likely married with a family of her own…


The sound of his name snapped him back into reality. He quickly whipped the tear on his cheek away and turned to see Tanner standing there. “You have someone on the other side…don’t you?”

Oroso set his hand upon Tanners shoulder, and without saying a word, let out a sigh and continued on to catch up with the group. The halls continued as they left the map room. Oroso took lead again as the group began to check rooms behind him. Oroso decided to check the room directly in front of him and opened the door. Inside, the room didn’t look to be touched by the fire that destroyed most of the building. There were intact papers, chairs and a pen. A pen that was floating. More magic Oroso assumed. The pen looked as if it was writing still. Oroso grabbed a few papers. Nothing really stood out until he began to read one of the entries…

The sound of real screams broke him away from reading as he turned to see Shane being sucked into a room. Kingsley fired a magic projectile into the room as Oroso made his way out. Down the hall he saw Tron and Tanner fighting a gelatinous cube. That must have been what took Shane. Oroso ran toward Kingsley and peered into the room and saw Shane in the middle of the cube with a look of dread across his face. Oroso, not wasting any time grabbed his rope and fashioned a lasso and threw it into the cube around Shane and pulled. Shane came flying out with a sploosh sound and stood up. Tanner came charging down the hall towards the cube that once had Shane. They must have killed the other one and were looking to finish this one off, but before Tanner could swing his sword, Shane jumped towards the cube and in an instant the cube burst, leaving only Shane standing there dripping with green goop. The rest of the group stood in silence. Shane just turned around, pain showing on his face, and collapsed.

The group decided to lay low for an hour so they could collect their thoughts and let Shane rest, the cube nearly killed him. When Shane was ready to press on the group began walking down the hall again. After about a hundred paces the hall split into a “T”.

“Let me check it out quick, you guys wait here and remain quiet.” Oroso said as he seemed to disappear into the darkness. Oroso decided to check left, opened a door and heard groans coming from inside. After a short pause he knew he was still hidden from whatever was on the other side so he decided to leave and return to the group.

“There is something in the room to the left.” He silently said. Tanner, Shane and Kingsley nodded and took out their weapons.

“Where is Tron?” Oroso asked when he noticed the Dwarf was missing. “After you left he said he doesn’t take orders from anyone, especially an Elf, and stormed off back down the way we came.” Tanner answered.

Oroso cursed aloud, turned back to the group and said “Follow me, we move on.”
The group made their way down the hall towards the moaning sounds but as they moved, Kingsley kicked a rock and sent it up the hall. The groans were getting louder. Oroso looked at Kingsley but Kingsley wasn’t looking back at him, his focus was behind Oroso. Kingsley brought his hand up and fired a projectile over Oroso’s shoulder and Oroso heard a loud SMACK as it hit its target. Oroso turned to see an undead drop to its knees and shatter into pieces as it fell. Ice magic, Oroso realized as he readied his bow and fired an arrow at the next undead to come into view. Two down. Tanner ran ahead and stuck another undead with his sword. He kicked him off his blade as another ran up to him looking to take a bite but Tanner swung his shield up over the top above his head and pushed the undead back into the room. Another magic projectile flew across the room, only this time it went through the stomach of the undead and hit the wall behind it. The undead groaned no more.

“Nice work.” Tanner stated as he began to move into the room the undead came from. Just as he was about to take another step into the room Kingsley shoved him back against the wall.

“What are you doing Kingsley?!” Tanner wanted to scream but knew he must remain quite.

“…Look” Kingsley pointed to the ground. Oroso saw what he was pointing at. A glyph. A magic glyph is a trap mages use. Not a very good one from the looks of it.

“Kingsley, can you disarm it?”

“Yes. Whoever did this was either in a hurry” he said as he waved his hand above the glyph disarming it, " or doesn’t know a lot about magic."
Oroso moved into the room after he disarmed it and stood with his back against the wall next to another door. Voices could be heard from inside. Voices speaking a language that Oroso couldn’t understand.

“…What?!” Kingsley almost yelled as he opened the door.

“Kingsley!” but he had already gone inside. What is he doing? The question was on both Tanner’s and Shane’s face as well as Oroso’s.

Oroso could hear Kingsley talking in the same language as the others. Oroso decided to get a better look. He kept low and moved along the back wall inside. Took position behind a table and nocked an arrow. He glanced back at the door and saw Shane and Tanner still inside. Oroso gestured to them to get ready.

“I am the Dark Lord Wayland and you shall bow before me and my army of darkness” one of the voices said in Common now. Kingsley looked back towards the door as Shane came strolling in, a crossbow in hand. He fired. The bolt smacked into the wall behind Wayland.

“That was a warning shot.” Shane calmly said.

Oroso could hear the groans of undead from across the room.

“Quincy, Vincent,” Wayland began, “teach these fools a lesson.”

“Guys, they are kids. Spare their lives if you can.” Kingsley managed to get out before he fired a magic projectile towards the group of undead that was moving towards the companions.
Oroso, who hadn’t been noticed yet, stood up and fired an arrow from the back room and hit an undead directly in the head, dropping him. Oroso managed a quick look around the room and noticed at least eight undead walking towards Kingsley, three men standing in the back in dark robes and a pile of…bodies. Dead bodies piled to the ceiling in a corner next to the man who calls himself Wayland. Oroso lowered himself back down behind the tables and began making his way closer. Steel smacking flesh was all he heard as he knelt before another table and fired another arrow and dropped another undead. Still unnoticed.

“Quincy, you fool!” is all Oroso heard as the room shook and a wall of lighting exploded from where Kingsley had been standing. Oroso looked up and saw Kingsley still standing there.

“He is more powerful than I first thought.” he thought while firing another arrow and dropping another undead. Oroso looked toward Wayland and saw an orb in his hand glow while he whispered a few words. Then, the pile of dead bodies began to stir as four more undead rose up and moved towards Shane who was being surrounded.
“Kingsley!” Oroso yelled. “The orb is what is controlling the undead.” He finished as he fired another arrow, only this time it stuck Wayland in the hand that was holding the orb. The orb fell to the ground and rolled away from Wayland. The one named Quincy saw Oroso and waved his hand in front of his face and his cloths dropped to the ground.

“Quincy!” Wayland yelled. “Now is not the time for shape shifting.” Oroso noticed something odd about Wayland and his teeth. He had fangs.

“They are Vampires!” Oroso yelled as he notched another arrow and let loose at a group of undead surrounding Shane. He heard a loud metal ring and looked back to see Tanner drop his shield as he was also being surrounded by undead. Tanner fell to the ground, hurt but not dead. Oroso drew his rapier and yelled trying to get the attention of the undead grouping around Tanner. No luck. So he jumped over a table and thrust his sword into the first undead he came across. The undead dropped and lay still. The other three looked up and groaned louder as they moved towards Oroso.

Oroso turned and saw Kingsley make a gesture with his hand, looked back at Wayland who was reaching for the orb but just before he could grab it, it leaped into the air and flew right into Kingsley’s hand.

Kingsley spoke a few words that Oroso couldn’t hear. Oroso turned towards Shane who was also on the ground, bleeding bad. He turned back towards the door they came in from. Thought about leaving for a split second before slicing another undead down that reached out at him. As the undead began to fall the rest of them seemed to stop in their tracks.
Oroso looked back at Kingsley who looked to be concentrating to keep the undead from
moving. He had control of them now.

“No! They are my undead army of darkness!” Wayland screamed as a black ball of energy began to form in his hand. Vincent stood next to him, shaking. He looked scared. Oroso fired an arrow and it hit its mark. Wayland let out a cry as another arrow went through his other hand. The dark lord vampire Wayland let out a high shriek.

“Ow!!! Stop it, please stop it. You win. Please stop. They aren’t even real!” He said as he pulled the fangs out of his mouth.

“Who are you?!” Kingsley demanded as he controlled the undead to surround the two remaining foes.

" I am Vincent and this is my friend Wayland, we came here just to practice."

“…You’re students at the college aren’t you?” Kingsley asked but it sounded like he already knew the answer.

“Of course we are you idiot!” Wayland screamed as the blood poured out and down his hands.
Oroso put sheathed his rapier and attended to his wounded comrades, thinking he wished Tron was here. When he knew Shane and Tanner were ok he walked back to Kingsley.

“I was this close to running out that door Oroso. I don’t think we would have made it if it weren’t for that Orb we managed to get.”

“You know you wouldn’t have left, just like I couldn’t have.”
Kingsley looked at Oroso and motioned the undead to grab Vincent and Wayland and move them towards the door.

“C’mon guys, this is the way out.” Kingsley said as he grabbed the two students and waved his hand in the air. Oroso looked back to see the undead drop and become still once again.



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