The City of the Eternal Siege

Session 2

Birthday Heartbreaks

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Characters Present

  • Kingsley Cinderhound
  • Oroso – First Appearance
  • Shane the Monk
  • Tanner Stromgen
  • Tron the Balling

NPCs in this Session

  • Alanna Firebrand – Engaged to Arthur Laine – First Appearance
  • Arthur Laine – Heir to Laine Manor
  • Barney Piffle – First Appearance
  • Blue Wolf Mercenaries – First Appearance
  • Byron Harper – Owner of Grandpa Harper’s General Store
  • Callie Harper – Owner of Grandpa Harper’s General Store
  • Commander Donner Myrak – Blue Wolf Commander – First Appearance
  • Doros Gemhammer – Son of Dokoon Gemhammer
  • Jakob Harper – First Appearance
  • Jules – Steward of Laine Family
  • Justine Laine – First Appearance
  • Lady Selenna Tarok – Lady of House Tarok – First Apperance
  • Lady Juliette Laine (Tarok) – Lady of Laine Manor – First Appearance
  • Lord Metus Laine – Lord of Laine Manor – First Appearance
  • Lord Barton Tarok – Lord of House Tarok – First Appearance
  • Lucas Wheeler
  • Merchant Alliance Board Members – First Appearance
  • Piffle Children – First Appearance
  • Pilnar Gammeltrodd – Gemhammer Treasurer
  • Professor Tiberian Laine
  • Reeder Harper
  • Sir Mand Wheeler – Captain of the Mardenhold Guard
  • Talla Laine
  • Terri Harper
  • Tiberius Laine II
  • Tullus – Assistant Steward of Laine Family
  • Tya Laine
  • Yulani Layrd
  • Seline Piffle – First Appearance
  • Sir Kyder Tarok – First Appearance
  • Unknown Blow-Dart Wielding Assassin – First Appearance
  • Unknown Ice Mage – First Appearance
  • Unknown Priest – First Appearance
  • Unknown Priest’s Assistant – First Appearance

Locations Visited

  • 24/7 Blacksmith
  • Grandpa Harper’s General Store
  • Laine Manor

XP Distribution
Kingsley Cinderhound
Defeating Five (5) Blue Wolf Mercenaries – 100
Defeating Unknown Ice Mage – 100
Defeating Commander Donner Myrak – 100
Humiliating Unknown Ice Mage – 10
Pre-Game Recap – 20
Saving Lord Metus Laine – 100
Saving Lucas Wheeler – 50
Smooth Talking Justine – 30
Total: 510 Points

Shane the Monk
Defeating Five (5) Blue Wolf Mercenaries – 100
Defeating Unknown Ice Mage – 100
Defeating Commander Donner Myrak – 100
“Sticking the Landing” – 10
Saving Lord Metus Laine – 100
Saving Lucas Wheeler – 50
Total: 460 Points

Conversation with Tron the Balling – (“I have two cups and I see you have an empty hand…”) – 30
Defeating Five (5) Blue Wolf Mercenaries – 100
Defeating Unknown Ice Mage – 100
Defeating Commander Donner Myrak – 100
Saving Lord Metus Laine – 100
Saving Lucas Wheeler – 50
Total: 480 Points

Tanner Stromgen
Defeating Five (5) Blue Wolf Mercenaries – 100
Defeating Unknown Ice Mage – 100
Defeating Commander Donner Myrak – 100
Saving Lord Metus Laine – 100
Saving Lucas Wheeler – 50
Writing Recap – 40
Total: 490 Points

Tron the Balling
Conversation with Oroso (“You know you’ll probably never see your family again.”) – 30
Defeating Five (5) Blue Wolf Mercenaries – 100
Defeating Unknown Ice Mage – 100
Defeating Commander Donner Myrak – 100
Saving Lord Metus Laine – 100
Saving Lucas Wheeler – 50
Total: 480 Points

Player Recap
by Shane the Monk

Memoirs of a Monk
7th Year Post Revolution
Birthday Heartbreaks

“As I reflect back on my life, I can pick out one vivid night which drastically changed the path I took through life. I was still pretty young, at least as far as monks go, only 30 at the time when the Maiden Justine Laine was boldly murdered in the midst of her 18th birthday party.

I should have known something was amiss that day, as the morning had been off to a bad start. The fattened lamb to be served as the center piece of the birthday feast had not made it to the Laine Manor, and Lord Arthur Laine was worried. Myself and several companions, some of whom I was not familiar with at the time but would bond with later that night, went to fetch the lamb (that in it of itself is a story, but one I well not delve deeply into here).

Upon returning to the manor with the fattened lamb, our first odd encounter of the night occurred with the Lady Juliette Laine, whom demanded me to fetch her bags from her room as she was leaving! At the time, this seemed an absurd statement, as the city had been under siege for the last 200 or so years with all magical means of transportation cut off. To stop her from making a bigger scene or upsetting other guests I returned the Lady Laine back to her room.

Meanwhile, my lamb rescuing cohorts continued to go about their business in preparation for the party. Tanner had lost his sword in the burning building of the lamb rescue and returned to the scene to search for the heirloom. Unable to locate the sword, he was forced to pick one up at a blacksmiths. In the process he warned his superior officer Sir Mand Wheeler about the fire snakes fought earlier that day, and was assigned to babysitting Lucas Wheeler while he looked into the matter. Kingsley and Tron the Balling continued to enjoy drinks awaiting the entrance of Justine. During this time they met one of our future compatriots Oroso, an elvish rouge.

After depositing the Lady Juliette to her room I returned to find Arthur and warn him about the security concerns I had about tonights events. He assured me all would be fine, as the Blue Wolf Mercenaries had been hired to provide security. Being somewhat calmed by this I helped position the mercenaries within the hall.

It was then time for Justine’s grand entrance – and it was quite the procession. Poor Kingsley, not knowing Justine’s fate, boldly flirted with the Maiden on her entrance. He truly did seem quite attached to her, despite hardly knowing her.

Following the entrance, the grand feast commenced. As a gesture of gratitude, myself and the others who rescued the lamb were given prime seating and the choicest meat; I still recall that as being one of the finest cuts of meat I’ve ever had.

I should take the time to mention, throughout the night members of the Laine family had been acting rather strange. First Lady Juliette wanted to leave the town, then Arthur met with an odd fellow and seemed rather flustered, and finally Tiberius Laine II was outraged at his seating position in the hall and actually walked out of the party as a result.

During the feast, a number of the guests showered Justine with lavish gifts, myself as a humble monk offering services of protection. A mage who appeared to be hired for entertainment attempted to give Justine a flower made from ice, however he embarrassingly dropped it (I only found out later Kingsley had slyly knocked it from his hand via magic.)

It was this same mage who returned for one last gift of the night. Appearing to once again conjure an ice flower, instead a cold knife of ice formed in his hands and in a flash he stabbed Justine straight through the heart. After that, chaos rained for the next few minutes. Kingsley, Tron the Balling, Tanner, and myself jumped to apprehend the killer, while Oroso (whom I would formally meet later) lended long range support from the wings. The Blue Wolf mercenaries and their captain joined the fray on the side of the ice mage, with the archers taking aim at Lord Laine, while an unknown assailant struck Lucas Wheeler with a poison blow dart before fleeing the scene.

Given the murders had the element of surprise on mostly unarmed and unsuspecting targets, we were fortunate they were rather incompetent and we were able to prevent them from assassinating any of the other Laines in the hall. We also managed to take out 5 Blue
Wolf mercenaries, capture their captain alive, and killed the rogue mage."

An Interview with Tanner Stromgen
by Mathais Goldschild
I had been absolutely dumbfounded by Stromgen’s stories thus far. It was much more than I had anticipated when I agreed to interview the man for Professor Rayderr. I hadn’t expected him to be so articulate, though I suppose anyone with his track record would of course be able to speak to anyone cleanly. He seemed so pleased with himself, especially after reliving the burning general store.

“So you got the wheel for the cart and set off for the manor. Then what?” I asked, probably too eager to know the answer.

Tanner smirked at me, "Well. We set off to the Laine manor with lamb, after ensuring that Tron the Balling and Kingsley weren’t going to actually steal the lamb. At the time, I had just under eight years in the City Guard under my belt, so I reached for my sword, to be at the ready and defend the lamb if need be. As I reach for my sword, it was gone. I must had dropped it in the building when the snake had knocked me out. And in the haste to save the children, and my sorry-ass, Shane didn’t grab it. I certainly don’t blame him. But this was not an ordinary blade, my friend. No, this was a Darksteel blade. The Darksteels had this amazing gift for metalwork, and the head of their clan just happened to be in the city when the siege began. Every officer of the City Guard has a Darksteel blade, and I could already hear Tark giving me shit for losing the blade; he’s one of two dwarves in the city actually qualified to add the Darksteel touch to any metal and a good friend of mine.

I rushed back to the general store as soon as I noticed the sword was gone. When I arrived back at the store, it was still very much on fire. Like this was one of the greatest fires I had seen. The crowd had dispersed and the halfings were still there, watching their home and store burn to the ground. I approached the eldest halfing, Byron Harper was his name. He thanked be profusely as did his son Jakob Harper, and told me if I needed anything, he would do it. I said there wasn’t anything I wanted other than for them to look through the rubble when the fire had stopped. I planned to return around sundown to see if they had found anything.

I arrived at the manor to see Shane taking Lady Juliette Laine back to her chambers with other servants, and the rest of my companions going into the main hall. I searched for Sir Wheeler and went to him. I told him everything I could recall about the snakes and burning building. Rightfully concerned, he left the party to speak with his CO, and left me in charge of Lucas.

Lady Justine Laine, gods rest her soul, made her grand entrance an hour or so later. Kingsley, ever the romantic tried to win her affection with a simple magic trick, and if her father had not been there, he would have succeeded that very moment in taking her away. But anyways, after she and her train had taken to the great hall, I took Lucas with me back to the general store only to find that the Harpers were unable to find my blade. I couldn’t be without a sword and it was too late in the evening to get another from the Quartermaster, so I had to buy another sword at a nearby blacksmith. I even got Lucas a dagger with the instructions not to tell his father I gave it to him. The kid deserved a present, even before the feast. He was to propose to Justine that evening, and he wasn’t exactly excited about it.

We returned to the feast just in time for the lamb to be served. By the Divines, that lamb will forever be the greatest thing I will ever eat. Have you ever had fresh meat, friend?"

I shook my head.

“Pray every day that you do, and have it as you last meal as everything after will be a disappointment.

The feast went on. I presented my gift to Justine: a small figurine of a knight carved from the same dragon bone my dice were from. There was also this mage that was just ahead of Lucas in the line of gift giving. I turned in my seat to watch this mage summon a frozen dagger and plunge it into Justine’s heart. As she fell back, I heard the cries from the hired, traitorous guards to jump into action and my counterparts and I did the same. It was no more than five minutes. Lord Metus was shot from the rafters as he called for the mage to be seized. The rest of the Laine table all quickly ducked under the table and the guests quickly fled the great hall. Shane was the first of us to run up over the tables, over the ice barrier the mage had put up between us and the Laine table, and beat the shit outta two of the hired guards. Tron and Kingsley went the other way around the barrier to take down the leader of the guards along with other guards. As for myself, I bolted around the ice barrier and tackled the mage with no intention to kill him. But the wall was there… and so what his head. I also managed to save Lord Metus’s life and Lucas’s after he had been hit by a poisonous dart in the back.

In all, I think we took out eight or so of the guards. The rest of them fled the great hall. Oh! And once the fighting was done, we discovered that we had another ally in the rafters: Oroso, an elven ranger. Good man, good man."

I couldn’t help but smile at his retelling of the battle. “What happened after the danger was gone?”

“Oh, the danger wasn’t gone…”

A Death at a Celebration of Life: Oroso’s Account of the Murder of Justine Laine
by Oroso

Just stay calm. Blend in. Act natural. These were the three simple rules that Oroso kept telling himself throughout the day and well into the evening. “There are over 100 people here at this gathering, no one will notice unless I give them a reason to notice.” He whispered to himself as he made his way through the crowd. This was his first “job” in over 40 years. Feelings of excitement washed over him when asked to do it, but now he was nervous.

“May I offer you an appetizer Sir?”

Oroso looked at the young servant, gestured and shook his head no. His nerves seemed to settle after his first encounter at Lady Justine’s Nameday. An hour or so passed while Oroso became just another guest of honor in the courtyard of Laine Manor.

“Be Patient.” He kept telling himself as the day moved on into the late afternoon. “He will be here.” As he brought up his mug for another sip the gates opened and a group of men, adventurers by the looks of them, came strolling in.

“Darling! Those are the men who saved those poor folk from the blaze earlier today, we must introduce ourselves to them.” A young woman exclaimed to her husband as they dashed off. Oroso peered in the direction they ran and saw four men walking through crowd of people. No, three men. And a Dwarf.

“Excuse me servant”, Oroso asked the nearest he could find. “Who might they be?”

“They sir, are the group who saved some common folk from an inferno. They also recovered Lord Metus’ missing lamb for the feast!” Oroso looked back to the group of men and the dwarf to see one of them escorting Lady Laine up the stairs, another man head out the gate with a boy on his heels, the Dwarf make his way to the Main Hall, and the man in robes looked like he was waiting for someone.

“Here you go sir” A servant gave Oroso a mug filled to the brim with mead.

“But I have one already…” but the servant continued to walk around the crowd and pass out drinks not hearing a word he said. At that moment, a drink from behind the stone top table was lifted into the air and began making its way across the room. Floating by itself – or so it seemed. It hovered in front of the man in robes who presented it to Justine Laine.

“A mage?” Oroso thought aloud. Taking a closer look at him, Oroso noticed he was also an Elf. Oroso started walking towards the door to the Main Hall where the feast was to be had with two drinks in his hands but stopped when he saw Lord Metus knock the cup from the air and say a few choice words to the young Elf mage and continue walking with his daughter in hand. Oroso managed a quick smile before continuing on.

Once inside, he caught a glimpse of the Dwarf from earlier standing next to a tapestry gulping his mead down. “Might as well introduce myself,” he told himself as he made his way to the Dwarf.

“I have two cups and I see you are now empty handed, care for another?” Oroso asked as he stuck out one of the drinks to the Dwarf. Without any hesitation the Dwarf swiped it from his hands and continued to gulp down the fresh mead.

“I’m Oroso by the way.”

“…Tron” The Dwarf managed to say after slurping down the last of the mead. “You here with anyone?”

Oroso, stunned by the question and caught off guard answered the only way he could. “No, my family is on the other side of the Barrier…somewhere. I have been here since the Siege started.” He wondered why he told the Dwarf, whom he had just met, a personal story about himself.

“You know you will never see your family again.” Tron blurted out, the mead doing most of the talking now. Oroso, again stunned by the Dwarfs mannerisms’ had no words to continue on with the conversation. Thankfully a second or two later, the bells chimed signaling it was time for the feast to begin. Time to get back to work.

“Well, it is time I make my leave, until we meet again Tron.” He turned and walked towards the kitchens. He knew he wasn’t going to have a seat at any of the tables so he had planned to wait for his opportunity to present itself while waiting up in the rafters. He snuck through the kitchen and into the stairway without a problem; the smell of whatever it was they were cooking made Oroso wish he had a spot to sit for dinner. When he arrived to the chandelier control room he found his equipment untouched in the area he had hid it nights before. He strapped his armor on and tightened his quiver and Rapier to himself, grabbed his longbow and headed for the door to the rafters but stopped when he saw patrols walking the perimeter.

Oroso recognized the group of men as Blue Wolf Mercenaries.

“Why are the Blue Wolves here?” his mind trying to figure out why a band of Mercs would be hired to keep watch at this event; especially at a family as important as the Laines. Oroso drew back into the shadows and waited and wondered for what seemed like an eternity. That’s when the screams started. Oroso looked through the doorway to see a mage in blue robes standing above Lady Justine’s corpse, another mage firing beams from his hands at the mage in blue but the mage in blue quickly turned and threw up a shield which blocked the mage’s attack- the young Elf mage, Oroso noticed. The mage in blue than waved his hand across his face and a wall of solid ice six feet high raised up to block him from everyone else. The mage started to dash towards the window.

“Don’t do it. Don’t give up on your mission.” He told himself as he peered back to the room of people. He saw the face of the young Elf, stunned, emotionless. He drew his bowstring back with an arrow nocked and fired. The mage was running faster than he anticipated as the arrow grazed his leg, barley slowing him down. He loaded his bow again. Heard commotion coming from below, the archers on the rafters let loose their own arrows….but they were aiming at the Laine Family. “I knew it” he said to himself as he quickly came out of the shadows again and fired at a Blue Wolf archer to his left, his arrow hit its mark and dropped him.

“One down, 3 more archers to go.” He heard the banging of steel coming from the ground and managed a look. More Blue Wolf mercs were posted on the ground level and they were surrounding a group of men. And a Dwarf. The same group from before. The man in just cloths leaped up on a table and somersaulted himself over the wall and was on top of the blue mage before Oroso knew what he was watching. The Dwarf was running around the wall, as was another warrior. A guard by the looks of him. The Elf mage was left alone, with Blue wolf men surrounding him.

“My mission will have to be done another day, he will understand.” He told himself as he let loose another arrow. Striking a Blue Wolf charging the Elf mage in the back. He grabbed another arrow but heard footsteps heading his way from the rafters. Two of the Blue Wolves turned the corner and were stunned to see Oroso charging at them, he managed to push one over the railing down to the cement and break his leg, the other ran off down the stairs for the exit. Now Oroso was in the open he could see that Lord Laine had taken a couple arrows.

The guard leaped through the air tackling the Blue mage into the wall, splitting his head wide open as blood poured out. He won’t live much longer. The guard rushed over to Lord Laine and cast a healing spell, grabbed him and hid him under the table and healed a little boy who had a dart in his back a few seconds after that.

“Poison.” Oroso said aloud. They didn’t want only Justine dead today he thought to himself as he nocked another arrow and fired it at the Mercs still surrounding the Elf mage. After hitting his target in the shoulder he decided to join the fight below, jumping down. But as he jumped down his foot caught the railing and he landed awkwardly. He looked up to see the mage cast Shield just in time to block a Mercs attack. Another arrow loose and another Merc went cold. He rushed towards the Mage who was now on the ground, grabbed his Rapier and stood in front of the Elf – protecting him. “You will not have him.” Oroso screamed at the remaining Mercs as they howled and moved closer.

The man who flipped over the wall earlier ran up to the captain of the Mercs and in a flash managed to knock him out with a lighting fast combination of punches. The remaining mercs dropped their swords and Oroso knew the battle was won, but the problems had just begun.

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