The City of the Eternal Siege

Session 1

Burning Down the House

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Characters Present

  • Kingsley Cinderhound – First Appearance
  • Shane the Monk – First Appearance
  • Tanner Stromgen – First Appearance
  • Tron the Balling – First Appearance
    NPCs in this Session
  • Arthur Laine – Heir to Laine Manor – First Appearance
  • Byron and Callie Harper – Owners of Grandpa Harper’s General Store – First Appearance
  • Doros Gemhammer – Son of Dokoon Gemhammer – First Appearance
  • Jules – Steward of Laine Family – First Appearance
  • Lucas Wheeler – First Appearance
  • Pilnar Gammeltrodd – Gemhammer Treasurer – First Appearance
  • Professor Tiberian Laine – First Appearance
  • Reeder Harper – First Appearance
  • Sir Mand Wheeler – Captain of the Mardenhold Guard – First Appearance
  • Talla Laine – First Appearance
  • Terri Harper – First Appearance
  • Tiberius Laine II – First Appearance
  • Tullus – Assistant Steward of Laine Family – First Appearance
  • Tya Laine – First Appearance
  • Yulani Layrd – First Appearance
    Locations Visited
  • Grandpa Harper’s General Store
  • Laine Manor
  • South Gate Camp
  • Salthoard
  • Unknown Location
    XP Distribution
    Kingsley Cinderhound
    Exploring the Portal – 30
    Scoring the Final Blow on the Two-Headed Flame Serpent – 10
    Terri and Reeder were both rescued – 40
    Total: 80

Shane the Monk
Defeating two Two-Headed Flame Serpents – 80
Terri and Reeder were both rescued – 40
Total: 120

Tanner Stromgen
Defeating two Two-Headed Flame Serpents – 80
Terri and Reeder were both rescued – 40
Total: 120

Tron the Balling
Exploring the Portal – 30
Terri and Reeder were both rescued – 40
Total: 70

Player Recap
by Adam
The day began like any other day in Mardenhold. Today, however, was the 18th birthday of Justine Laine. An extravagant party was to be held in her honor later that evening, and many of the Laine’s friends, family, and cohorts would be in attendance.

Tanner Stromgen, a paladin of the Mardenhold Guard, worked his rounds on the city wall, prepping and maintaining the city defenses. He was to attend Justine’s birthday later than evening, and as the city’s bell tolled for the midday meal, his shift ended. He made his way to his Barracks and encountered Sir Mand Wheeler, also of the city’s military and Tanner’s Commanding Officer, and his son Lucas Wheeler. The Wheelers had married into the Laine family such that Lucas was Justine’s cousin. After a small encounter, Tanner left the South Gate camps and headed for the Laine Manor.

Once inside the Laine Manor, Tanner came across Shane the Monk, another cohort of the Laine family. They spoke briefly for time. Around 1 o’ clock in the afternoon, the other half of the Laine family arrived, the half that does not live on the Laine compound: Professor Tiberian Laine and his family plus his mother Tya. With them was Professor Tiberian’s assistant student, Kingsley Cinderhound who is well versed in the magically arts and familiar with the Laines as well as Tanner and Shane. The three of them exchanged pleasantries and unfortunately attracted the attention of a rather burly looking dwarf by the name of Tron the Balling, who was hanging about one of the Gemhammer clan dwarves. Tron had been eyeing a rather sluthy looking fellow who seemed to be taking mental note of the manor; but this man could wait if some group of high born sissies were talkin’ shit.

A brief confrontation and the disappearance of a tray of hors d’oeuvres later, the heir apparent to the Laine family, Arthur Laine and his fiance plus entourage arrived at the party to be greeted by the Head Steward Jules. In a state of panic, Jules informed Arthur that the lamb had not arrived even though it was due an hour ago, and that the window will not be fixed in time. The two went into the great hall as did the four Laine Associates. Inside the great hall were many long tables and the chandeliers had all been lowered so their candles could be replaced. At the head of the hall were two… well, were two stained glass windows. The left one had been taken out by a servant’s ladder. A mage was set to arrive sometime later in the week to repair it, much to the disliking of Jules.

What’s more, the fattened lamb that had been purchased for the party had not arrived. With livestock extremely rare and expensive, and even fresh meat so seldom eaten by the townsfolk, the thought of theft was a very good possibility. Arthur implored the help from Shane, a friend of his, to find the lamb. With nearly six hours until the party, he would return no doubt before it began. Shane turned to his acquaintences and asked for their help as well. Tanner, a man of the Guard, offered his services willingly. Kingsley was asked by Professor Tiberian. And Tron was asked to go on behalf of the Gemhammers.

The group departed from the manor, through the North Gardens, and came to Salthoard, located northeast of the Gardens. On the main road, they came across Tullus and a Laine slave with a covered cart that had broken its wheel. Tron, knowing the salthoard the best, left to go to a nearby general store for a spare wheel. A blood curtling scream alerted the rest of the group to the fact that the general store in question had caught fire, and the two grandchildren of the halflings who own the store were trapped inside.

The group entered into the store. Tanner and Shane went upstairs to find the children. Kingsley and Tron, however, were more interested in the spare goods of the store, and in a portal of green goo that led to a hellish kind of world where the rocks disobeyed gravity and the sky was dominated by a large gas giant. Upstairs, Tanner and Shane came across the first child under attack by a hellfire two-headed snake that no doubt came from the portal, given the strange orange sand that had been tracked into the building. They made quick work of the snake, and as Shane carried the granddaughter to safety, Tanner pressed onwards to find the grandson also under attack by a similar creature.
Tanner unfortunately collapsed due to the strength of the snake and his wounds were very extensive. Shane saw Tanner collapse and called to the rest of his party for help. Kingsly heard the cries of help after a small epiphany of why they were actually here. Bolting through the portal, something went wrong and Kingsly was thrown to the floor after his guts had been shaken and pulled and stirred thoroughly. Disoriented, he regained his footing and headed upstairs. Tron left through the portal and took a spare wagon wheel. Kingsley stumbled up the stairs to find Shane dragging Tanner and the halfling child following. Still rather disoriented, Kingsley evoked his magical winds and knocked the child down the hallway. Shane called for him to stop, and the four left the building.

Tanner’s wounds were attended to, the fire brigade had been conjuring water jets onto buildings nearby, and the stolen wagon wheel was attached to the cart. The Laine associates started their way back to the Laine manor with the lamb.

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